Saturday, September 15, 2012

Top 10 reasons why I hate the woman Characters in the Big Bang Theory!

Okay, I admit it, a lot of the Characters in Big Bang Theory have great Personalities. However, Characters like "Amy" and "Penny" flat out ruin it for me. By the way, I love Howard's wife. She is nice and sweet but with a Dark Twist. The rest of the girls are just annoying though. Here are my reasons.

  1. Penny changes too much, She is always in on again off again Relationships with other men who are exactly like Leonerd. To the point where she is even sleeping with his best friends. She sleeps with Raj and expects everyone to forget it never happened. Or How about when she got drunk one night and had make up sex with Leonerd then broke his heart the night before, giving him false hope that she might come back to him. She is a Vixen whore.
  2. Amy is not funny, She is exactly like Howard's wife except she is Cringe inducing. Ever joke she thinks is funny that comes out of her mouth is either awkward or stupid. Sheldon was funny because he was a Child at heart always being nostalgic about something in his past. Amy is just annoying. I get it she is EXACTLY like sheldon except she is wanting a real Boyfriend. Has she even met Sheldon, That man is only wants a Girlfriend because he wants to be excepted in society. Amy is a useless and Boring character that should get killed off in the most painful way possible.

This is only scratching the surface here. Big Bang Theory is getting worse and worse. Hopefully Amy is gone soon because Season 5 just came out and I want to make sure the worst part's ever.

Thanks for reading my First Blog!!